Saturday, July 15

How to Add a Picture

This week we are going to add pictures to the blog, as well as writing!
To add a picture:
  1. Sign in to blogger as usual.
  2. Start a New Post
  3. Click on the tiny picture of a picture above the box where you usually write your post
  4. In the new window that appears, click on "Browse", and find the file where the picture you want is saved.
  5. When you have chosen your picture, click on the blue "upload image" button.
  6. Wait for your picture to be uploaded, then click "Done"
  7. Remember to click on the orange "Publish Post" when you have finished uploading your picture and typing your entry!

Here is a picture of Bronte and Milton classes eating English Cucumber Sandwiches and Australian Fairy Bread last Friday!


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