Sunday, July 9

How to use this Blog

This Blog is a place for everyone in the class to write anything they like (in English, of course!). You don't have to worry if the language isn't perfect - we just want to be able to understand. If anyone doesn't understand anything that someone else has written, click on "comments" below, and ask! You can write as much and as often as you like, about anything you like! Here are some ideas:

  • classes
  • excursions
  • activities
  • Things you like here
  • Things you don't like
  • Things you want to do this week
  • Anything else you want to write.

Sometimes I will also write some questions that you can answer, if you want to.

We can also put photos on our Blog! If you have a nice digital photo that you want to put here, ask Kat and she will help you post it.

You can give your friends and family at home the address, and they can look on the internet to see what our class are doing every day. If your friends and family have email addresses, try sending them an email now with the address! Ask Kat if you need help with this.

The post below will tell you how to post a blog entry. Have fun!


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