Friday, August 4

Hello Bronte Class!

Hello Bronte Class!

I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I'm glad you are all having so much fun at Downe House this summer!

Last night your show at Entertainment Evening was great! I really loved your costumes and I thought Macarena was especially good as the woman. All of the teachers and children really loved singing the ooh ooh ooh ooh aah aah aah aahs!

I have taken some really great photos of you all on stage and I will give them to Kat or you can see them on the Lines website in a few weeks.

Have a good weekend!

Abby x


At August 05, 2006, Anonymous Dirk said...

Hi Bronte Class,

I have been reading your blog for the last three weeks. You have done a great job!

I read it every day and I hope thta you will continue posting messages.

A fan



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